Students who are dropped off at the front entrance of SMS
SRO Lewandoski will be at the bottom of the school driveway at Brayton Ave.  
Brait Building Company will be on site early to help control the flow of traffic. One person will be at the entrance of the existing lot to direct staff into the new temporary lot. Another person will be at the intersection of the temporary lot and temporary walkway to maintain a safe crossing path.  And a third person will be inside the new temporary lot directing cars into parking spaces. 
Students who are dropped off on Brayton Ave.
Drop off in the a.m. will be on the North Side of Read Street ONLY (South Elementary School is the North Side). Students should not be dropped off on the opposite side of the street.  The Somerset Middle School crossing guard will no longer be on Brayton Ave., she will be on Read Street to assist students who are walking to school from the South Side of Read Street.  Students will walk through South School playground and over the cross bridge onto SMS property.  Students will proceed to the front entrance of the school.
7:30 am. - 7:45 Drop off at corner of Brayton Ave. and the school driveway. Students walk on the sidewalk and cross at the northeast corner of the school to the sidewalk in front of the school.
7:30 am. - 7:45  Drop off at South Elementary School. Students walk on the pedestrian path from Read Street.
Picking Up Students
Pick up will be at the front entrance of the school.  At this time, for safety reasons students should not walk to Brayton Ave. or Read Street after school for pick up.
As a reminder, the Somerset School Department provides bus transportation for all students. 
If your child does not know where the bus stop is or what bus they take please, please contact the school at 508.324.3140 directly for assistance.